Low-friction pedestal liners are important to reduce the force required for the wheelset to move laterally at a defect in the rail. If the friction is too high then the primary suspension can become partially blocked out under traction in both the vertical and lateral directions. The bogie then rotates slightly relative to the body (still as a result of the rail irregularity) and the leading wheel makes contact with significant force against the rail. This in turn results in the bogie rotating further, instead of the wheelset simply being deflected laterally as would happen with low-friction pedestal liners. Changing to Vesconite axle-box guides can thus reduce wheel and track wear.

The term axle-box liner is synonymous with pedestal liner, journal-box liner and horn-cheek guide.


Vesconite Hilube 20 pedestal liners:

• Reduce wear to expensive axle-boxes
• Are self-lubricating, requiring no grease or maintenance.
• Reduce wheel and track wear