Throw away the grease. Forget about frequent maintenance. Get more out of those extremely expensive wheels – simply by changing a wear part.

With our low-friction, low wear materials for centre pivot liners, load pads, side bearers and axle-box guides, bogie rotational resistance is decreased and lateral movement of wheelsets is improved.

Dedicated to finding a solution to your wear challenges, Vesconite Rail’s engineers want to collaborate with you to reduce wear to mating surfaces and increase wheel life through smoother steering of bogies.

What distinguishes Vesconite materials from other polymers? Vesconite’s self-lubricating materials have the ability to maintain their low coefficient of friction over time.

One example: Vesconite Superlube with its low-friction and ultra low-wear, was developed for high-axle-load heavy-haul locomotives, saving over $5,000 on wheel wear every year on each locomotive.

For more information and prototypes at no cost to you, contact us at What have you got to lose, except wheel wear?